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In his expositions, Alberto Di Feliciantonio shows two themes close and congenial to him. The first theme “L'Abruzzo che scompare”, tells his experiences in the rural world, moments of rustic activities and rural sceneries which are disappearing from our region.
l'Abruzzo che scompare
In the second theme, “Pagine di Guerra”, the artist goes back to the sad reality of the struggles and sacrifices which the Italian soldiers (including the authors) were forced into at the huge fail of Russian warship in the 1943; forced to walk in the cold with minus 40 degree weather in snow, ice and starvation. It is with the generous help of the Ukrainian people that many of them managed to survive, not even the author could tell us his story without them.

The theme “Pagine di Guerra”, is part of a 35 piece collection that the author, together with the Italian embassy and the Minister of Ukrainian Culture, is showing at the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF FIGURATIVE ARTS of KIEV (UKRAINE). The exposition has been inaugurated by Mrs LUDMILA KUCHMA, the wife of the Ukrainian President.
pagine di guerra